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DiaperGal – Videos and Photos of Pretty Girls Wearing and Wetting Diapers

DiaperGal describes itself as promoting “Pretty girls wearing and wetting diapers”, and this remains the strength which has made it so popular with diaper-lovers. Quite simply, DiaperGal is about hot girls wearing diapers—and often peeing them. This is not an AB site, and you won't see anyone crawling around with pacifiers. Instead you'll see photos and videos of extremely attractive girls enjoying diapers as the sexy garment that they are. Their 5 updates a week include high quality downloadable videos and photosets.

We should also mention that DiaperGal also produced the free photos found here on diapers4girls.com, but these are not duplicates of those on DiaperGal, although the style is sometimes similar.
Diaper Sex Videos

Diaper Sex Videos has hardcore diaper videos featuring beautiful babes sucking and fucking whilst wearing their pristine diapers. All of the girls are beautiful, and diapers is a big part of sex for them.
Wet Set's Diaper Lover & Adult Baby Message Board

Wet Set is for anyone who “enjoys the thrill of wetting their knickers, or peeing in their beds and diapers.” This is a link to their huge Adult Baby message board. Other sections on Wet Set include their knicker wetting and pooping message boards, collections of videos and photos, and their magazine.

ABKingdom is a huge AB Fetish community, with very lively and active French-, English- and Italian-speaking forums. This is not a porn site, but has AB photo galleries and stories in addition to the discussion areas. A must for all adults with a genuine love of diapers.
Girls 'n' Diapers

Girls 'n' Diapers is a cool amateur site we found, with links to photos and videos of real girls in diapers. The links are on Webshots and Youtube and are often updated, so check here often before they get deleted!
Other diaper links Some priceless and essential information about disposable diapers

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